Who is the Bulldog Scholar?

My daughter adopted a bulldog named Seamus. I have enjoyed observing this animal take on life with full vivaciousness. The bulldog exhibits strength of character and heart, a sense of humor, courage, and tenacity.  With the combination of these attributes, there is a jovial spirit that realizes its passion through the creation of its own path.  He is not afraid to make a stand for what he believes. Obstacles always present challenges, but a bulldog will not back down; rather he will outmaneuver obstacles and continue to hone in on his goals.

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Foundation News

Meet our first Bulldog Scholar Stephanie Koll

She states, “‘You can’t fail if you try in life!’ and I believe that philosophy… I proved that you don’t have to be the best, but instead that you have to try your hardest to accomplish your dreams…and now with the Bulldog Scholarship I am one step closer to making my dream a reality.”   Read [...]

Bulldog Scholarship in the News

Bulldog Scholarship in the News Raymond “Chuck” Sobieck was interviewed about the Bulldog Scholarship for The Morrison County Record, a Little Falls, Minnesota newspaper. In the interview Mr. Sobieck explains why he started the Bulldog Scholarship and what the selection committee will be looking for in applicants.  When asked about what qualities the selection committee [...]